Use Cases

Simulate Scenarios

In lower environments, such as Development environment, uncovering API and API based integration limitations is often not possible due to the lack of quality and volume of data.

New problems are encountered when the API is promoted to environments where Production grade data is available. Then there are some problems that are only encountered in Live/Production Systems.

API Consumer applications either aren't prepared to handle errors or capture too little information when they encounter unexpected problems.

This results in costly defect analysis, disrupts active development, delays deliverables and breaks team's momentum.

Simulation features offered by Api-on-Cloud help development teams easily create scenarios beyond the happy path. Handle and process expected and unexpected scenarios and make your application more robust from the beginning.

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Reduce Complexity

Testing changes in a large and integrated System is complex. It is sometimes more expensive to test the code changes than the change itself.

if internal or external APIs are making it expensive to test changes to your System then consider using Api-On-Cloud for simulating your APIs. Simulated APIs can feed the exact data your Application expects, allowing the control to reach the exact component that you want to test. Save valuable time it takes to setup complex test scenarios and speed-up your testing and code delivery.

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