HTTP Method

Type: Options List

This list contains the HTTP Methods or Verbs. You must one of the methods from this list.
The available options are: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE

You will not be able to save an API Endpoint without picking a value from this list


Type: Text Field (read-only)

The value displayed in this text field is the unique identifier of the API Endpoint.
The unique identifier is generated automatically and it cannot be modified.
The unique identifier stays with the API Endpoint until the Endpoint is deleted

API Path

Type: Text Field (required)

API Path is a required field and an API Endpoint cannot be saved or published without it.
API Path must always begin with a forward slash.
There is no need to enter Host and Port information in this text field.
Some examples of API Paths are provided below:

If there are variables in the Path then the variables can be replaced by an asterisk, for example:

Let us assume that an API Consuming Application calls /product/id/33
Api-On-Cloud will map the call to /product/id/*  because asterisk is interpreted as a placeholder for variable values

Similarly, if an API Consuming Application calls /type/sedan/year/2019
Api-On-Cloud engine will map that call to /type/*/year/* 

Complete API Endpoint URL

Type: Text Field (read-only)

It is a read-only field that displays the complete URL of the API Endpoint.

If the Path contains one or more variables then this text field will display an asterisk for every variable in the path
For example, if the the API Path is defined as: /type/*/year/*
then, the Complete API Endpoint URL will displayed:*/year/*
When there are path variables, please make sure that you or your application code replaces the asterisk with the actual data
 The subdomain and base path used may vary from one subsrcription to another. Please do not use the subdomain and base path shown here.
The subdomain value shown here is: app
The base path value shown here is: /live/zh6jz

Copy URL

Type: Button

Click this button to copy the url shown in the Complete API Endpoint URL text field

Test API Endpoint

Type: Button

Press the 'Test API Endpoint' button to launch the built-in API testing feature. This button can be pressed only after saving/publishing the API.

Test API

Type: Button

Press the 'Test API' button to test if the API is functioning and responding with the expected response.